Flag Function

It will be cool if we have a button showing who flagged a post.
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  • Yes!
  • Meh.
  • No.

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EDIT: explain why you hate it.

For what reason? So people can hate each other? (well they still can, but this will give them more reasons)

And wouldn’t you know. It was already suggested. Seriously people, use the search button it’s not hard.


I agree with qbus. I don’t want to let the op know that I flagged his/her post or fights will ignite as qbus said.


Plus, I can’t find any information which would suggest that Discourse even has such an option.

i didn’t know it was already suggested, thanks for reminding me of that.

If a button added to show who flagged the post, people would have hate each other and fight in a topic, making it off-topic and even worse:Mad Chicken Disease. So I suggest a button for showing who’s spamming flags


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