Final boss music


Will the final boss music be played when confronting Yolk Star™, Egg Cannon or Henterprise? The music is so cool and it makes us feel we are about to fight one of the most powerful enemies in the franchise


I’ completly agree with you ,I want the original themes back
Egg cannon powerfoul? That is one of the most boring and easy boss


I agree 2. These OST is legendary


but it’s still final boss


But egg cannon’s story is much better than henterprise and yolk star


I don’t want Egg Cannon theme, it made
me fall asleep while fighting that so to say “final boss”.
But I agree on one thing. Egg cannon had the best story, Henterprise the worst, Yolk star was okay.


For me Ci4 is the best for the adventure, is boring to fight (too slow) but has the best ost


I remember what magic it was when i was playing CI4 for the first time on my old PC.
Chicken Invaders 4 is fantastic for a first-timer to the series… YES IT IS. Im so glad that i found this.


For me CI3 was revolutionary the most for it’s new engine and graphics, CI4 was for the new spaceship turning mechanics, satelites, new worlds… then CI5 added planet enviroments which were okay I guess… but tbh nothing special.


It should to add new final boss music of Event Horizon


You know they can’t take a different game’s song, right?


Yolk Star Theme is Too Dark!!!


What’s wrong with it, the fact that it’s written in a minor key? I like it.


i agree with you


agree ci4 ost was the best


could you stop bumping 10 day/1 month old topics with useless replies? it’s completly useless,pointless and annoying


Back to the topic though, I’m not sure if adding the final boss themes is such a good idea.
Imo the CI5 standard boss theme fits the Henterprise a lot better now that the fight is a lot more fast-paced. Same with the Egg Cannon.


What about the Yolk-Star?


I’m not too sure about it but I think the normal boss theme works fine enough.


You can’t hear the song in that battle