Few questions about Chicken Hunter License and accounts

Hi, i wanted to buy the Chicken Hunter License through Steam to support the game and have even more fun, but i wanted to ask some questions about it and accounts.

  1. When i buy it, will it be assigned to my Steam account or my email?
  2. If I would need to reinstall the game, how do i recover my progress?
  3. How safe are accounts? Are they solely email based?

Thanks for all the answers!

  1. Your game account (so, “your e-mail”). This way you can log on from multiple devices (Steam, PC, mobile, etc) and still have access to the CHL.

  2. Assuming you have an e-mail associated with your account (which you should), at the main menu select “Accounts” and “Link account”. Enter your e-mail there and follow the instructions. Note that Steam has cloud saves, so even if you re-install the game, none of your progress will be lost anyway.

  3. Yes, solely. However, even if someone knows your e-mail, they will not be able to log in as you, because they would also need to provide a PIN (which is only sent to your e-mail).


Thank you very much for quick answers!

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