Few Medal Ideas!

  1. Medal (Shopping Fever) - To get this one:
    1.1. Buy every singel item from the shop at least once
    1.2. Equip at least once every singel item from shop and fly a mission whit this equiped items
    1.3. Rare items/ships - if you buy a 3 diamond item/shop it not count for all, you must buy normal one and 1/2/3 diamond once so it will cunt for medal and you have to fly at least 1 mission with every Spaceship (normal and 1/2/3 diamond one)

  2. Medal (There is not a bad Weapon)
    2.1. Buy every singel weapon from Shop at least once
    2.2. Upgrade every weapon to Max Level
    2.3. Equip every singel one at least once and fly a Mission with it

  3. Medal (Adventure Lover)
    3.1. Explore one Star system and complete every mission there. Example - Star System ‘‘Amymone’’ in total 3 Stars-18 Planets-67 Missions, Win them all and you get the Medal. You can get same medal again for completing another Star system.

  4. Medal (the winner takes it all). The Hardest Medal in Game!!!
    4.1. Win every singel mission in the entire galaxy (regardless of difficulty level).



  • 1.1
  • 2.1
  • 2.2
  • 3.1


  • 1.2
  • 4.1

don’t have opinion:

  • 1.3
  • 2.3

3.1 is a good one

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Maybe just for having used every weapon once, for the first time?
When CI3 released, we only had… what, six weapons? (Plus the unlockable Utensil). Now there’s a daunting fifteen, quite likely more on release. This would encourage new players unfamiliar with CI to actually seek out and use each one.

This is actually a great idea. I’d love to see this added, as it would serve as a sort of galactic-scale progress tracker.

Some games have stuff like this - rewards for big accomplishments because, if someone hypothetically were crazy enough to do it - they should be rewarded. But then people start actively striving after that unachievable goal, and it’s kind of a mess. This medal would also go against the pseudo-infinite universe spirit of CIU itself.

If we really wanted something for this, maybe a joke mail prize or a trivial key reward or something (akin to how the “Mario Party” series has almost never-seen dialog for having too many stars) - but to my knowledge, that may well already exist in the code of CIU because, tellingly, nobody has ever done this yet.


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