Feedback #1

This will be my first impressions for my first hour of playing the game.

Feedback System

  • I’m not sure if I’m the one who really send those in-game feedbacks since there’s no log-in option.


  • Bosses like Egg Cannon can be used for food item farming, just use a focus weapon and you’re done. Chickens drop food item the same rate as from normal waves. Adjust it like making drop rate decrease as time accumulates.
  • Some variations of the wave “Caged Animals” has chickens clutter each other making them almost entirely not visible, especially the big ones.
  • I’d lost myself frequently when zooming in between planets an star systems, especially when travelling between them. Edit: I forgot that I can use the magnifier button.
  • When in windowed mode, I lost control of my spaceship when the cursor leaves the screen. I die most of the time because of this.


  • This is something I’d like to adjust since UO. The scoring for Multikill is too low. It only gives a linear score bonus (100x) and isn’t rewarding for “massive” kill combo. Make it increase a little bit, example: +200 for 10-19 combo, +300 for 20-29 combo, etc.

Overall its a great game even for an early access. I’ll be proving more feedback as I play more, although most of the are in-game ones.


I would say this is the best Chicken Invaders game yet.

Yes, but the only thing I do not like so far is the bosses.