Feature: Wave/Boss Origin Mark

Hello there!
I play CI since the beginning (well, excluding the DOS version) and was keeping up with newer installments. Through many playthroughs I remember most of the waves and bosses, that came in various games. Playing through various waves in CIU made me very nostalgic seeing older waves and bosses(!) brought back. This is really like a big celebration of the series! And then I had a thought… What if you could see, from which game originates a wave or a boss?

‘Asteroids! (No, really!)’ would have CI2 mark
‘Treasure Shower’ (early called ‘Bonus Challenge’) would have CI3 mark
‘Spiral of Doom’ would have CI4 mark
‘Area Measurements’ would have CIU mark (or “New” mark to differentiate newly added waves in CIU)

Etc. and etc.

This mark could appear next to the wave name and would be written like this: (CI3) or a little icon of an older game (or CIU’s icon in case of newly added waves). This feature could be unlockable from the shop under the name ‘Timeline Scanner’ or something like that. Maybe it sounds pointless, but it would be a neat tidbit about specific wave or boss.

I know some waves or bosses are tricky to categorize, because they were different between games. Like ‘Show’em who’s Boss!’ was different between games, but in CIU this boss fight is based on the CI3 boss fight.

What do you think about this?


I second this.

I also would add an option to turn it off if the player doesn’t want it on.

Well, of course!

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