Feather Treasure

Yep, I’m back with yet another boss idea.

Name by: Randomkodude

Appearece: it’s a big chicken that’s carrying the chest.

HP: still deciding.


Treasure Attack: Emits a warning and then attacks how it was shown in the Image and the Video.

Treasure Throw: Go up and then attacks how it was shown in the Image and the Video. (can be mirrored)

Treasure Rain: do I have to explain this?

Drops 15 small coins and 3 big coins.



accidentally clicked “post” before I finished this, I am dumb lol.

too similar to Super Chick

how though?


Super Chick’s spinning laser

super chick beam

metallic chick guy thing already did this

Treasure Rain is only attack that’s actually similiar to something, for others you gotta watch the video man.

mysterious ship lasers

you have to be serious

Hm, looks like “Wealthy Rouge” from Angry Birds epic

A few stuff:

  • Give him a hood and call him Cluckin Hood
  • One attack he draws a bow and then shoot at you
  • Make him escape after some time, he’s carrying money and he don’t want to escape without his wealth
  • lodsofemone
  • probably

is a chicken game serious

Oh boy, Here we go again

I actually dont know who Wealthy Rouge is
and I’m doing the drop but I, as I said, accidentally posted this before I even finihsed this

and I will consider those attacks

I said you, not the game


i am not serious, thank you

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could be called Feather’s Treasures or The Feather Treasure

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Too much of a score grinding machine

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I still haven’t decided where will it appear and how rare is it so I’m honestly not too sure