Fastest ship?

Anyone experiment to find out the fastest ship? I have the H&C 101 Hatchling (generally fast) and the BX-8 Ukonvasara (slow as molasses, even with upgrades). I’d rather have speed and maneuverability than power. Especially in the hot places.

Level 99

The HCX01s and M40Xs all have the same speed


You are new

Thank you, Enhawk. That’s helpful. I won’t try but one of each of them.

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First, ArtemNikolaev, no. I’m not new. I’m level 99 (as stated in my post).

Second, how is your reply anything but snobbery and snark? If you can’t help, don’t reply. Just scroll on past, youngster.


you yourself are a youngster! :rage:

cope and seethe

Here are some technical details that might interest you:

H&C 101/201/301 and Müller M400/404/408: instant; 800 pixels/second in massive environments
BX-6: common=500 uncommon=525 rare=550 legendary=575
BX-7: common=450 uncommon=475 rare=500 legendary=525
BX-8: common=400 uncommon=425 rare=450 legendary=475
BX-9: common=350 uncommon=375 rare=400 legendary=425

Hitbox radius:
H&C 101/201/301: 18 pixels at engine resolution; 72 pixels in diameter at 1920x1080
H&C 101/201/301: uncommon=17 rare=16 legendary=15
M400: common=20 uncommon=19 rare=18 legendary=17
M404: common=22 uncommon=21 rare=20 legendary=19
M408: common=24 uncommon=23 rare=22 legendary=21
BX-6: common=26 uncommon=25 rare=24 legendary=23
BX-7: common=28 uncommon=27 rare=26 legendary=25
BX-8: common=30 uncommon=29 rare=28 legendary=27
BX-9: common=32 uncommon=31 rare=30 legendary=29


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