FAQ still unread

I already read the FAQ section a few times (both on mobile and on PC) and the “new” text is still there signifying that it is still unread. I did also read About and other sections to make sure.

PS. This has been bothering me since the time I joined on this forum.

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Bumping this. I could provide a recording of this to further prove it.

Huh. I have it as read tho so hmm. I know Discourse likes to check if you read something based on how much time you spent on the thread, so maybe it’s the same here. If you’re a fast reader, or just didn’t scroll from top to bottom completely maybe it didn’t count it for you.

No, not that fast. And this isn’t the case on forum topics where some posts are even longer than that.

I could include the bug on those topics (on my OP) if that’s the case.

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