FanMade Wave/Boss contest

while I think about it the galaxy concept has a massive problem which is the repetetivity. you kept fighting the same waves same bosses especially in a such wide galaxy with more than a thousand planets stars barren rocks etc. so I thought that making fanmade waves bosses (and probably chicken breeds when needed) and adding the best one out of them would be a good idea (unless all of them are awful). and as a reward for the winner I could say 500 keys and 50 keys per quality entry and maybe a medal as a reward for both entries and winners. what do you guys think?

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Cool idea but , that already happens in the forum .
You can suggest some new enemies and new bosses to b.e in the game .
And who has a enemy/boss added to the game he/she will get a medal of thinking with this enemy/boss .
Maybe should when someone get the medal of thinking he get some keys 100-500 and that deliberates on the idea is cool or bad .


yeah but this is a contest so it is supposed to be encouraging early access users to post their wave/boss concepts.

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