Failed:Socket error:SOCKERR_ETIMEDOUT

They are just updating the server, and please don’t spam the same comments.

Now i eat a food named in my Country (Zacusca) :slight_smile:

Same issue. Hopefully, it isn’t because of my limited connection right now.

That’s off-topic…

theguyisp i know :sweat_smile:

They are updating? Maybe adding something?

Nah just stabilizating it…

We flagged all your off-topic @BlueBirding that’s what.

Does the game have multiple servers? Because I can’t see any familiar player from the forum… and there’s only few

You can’t see other players if they’re too far away.

Ohhh, then gonna buy a whole lot of gas to find 'em! Thanks

i cant play … again

Yep, same here… can’t connect again

LOG SERVER UPDATE) I’m assuming this is because of the updated server.

Update is live now, try again.