Extra details and others

In the ship customization you can change the size out the engine output but it wont actually change outside of the customization and will return to its defualt size when you enter a mission or whatever, what about the ship actually keep the engine output size change so that flames look bigger or something like that. Another idea is a particle effect for Utensil Poker, if you noticed that when the forks hit an enemy they just vanish, my idea is to add something like the particles in ci2 when you hit a chicken with a laser. Just little things that i wanted to bring up.

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Its only preview.


nice idea

ik its a preview but im just saying i shouldnt be.

It would look weird if you could actually make it as large as you want,imo

yea, it would be funny to ride around with a really skinny exhaust tho

We don’t want galaxy pollution, so no.

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