Exposing The Real Pac-Man VN (pacmanvietnam)

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You returned to your behaviour of creating useless posts. But you improved: Now you write bad things about people without any agreement from them. Keep going :+1:.


The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.


excuse me, i did NOT create useless post.
i was trying to expose The Real Pac-Man VN.

What has to view?

I’m a small nooby boi and I’m so poor and also I’m getting bored at Roblox lol
(my 3D aim is very bad but I’m so good at Angry Bird :)) )
and this is very off-topic oh wait it’s off-forum so yeh
(I recorded these videos with my best friend for fun)
C’mon! I’m still really good at Chicken Invaders!
I don’t have money wait I have money but my mom never let me to use it

expose? that’s the truth of me being noob at Roblox that everyone plays Roblox knows
and what? can you beat Tower of Hell Pro in Roblox?

This is my stupid answer.

Does Roblox really related to Chicken Invaders?
answer: no
and doesbeing noob is matter?
Those videos are too old, the game i’m playing is Super Mario World for the SNES

my try of The Yolk-Star lol

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cape abuse (better name it how to clip through boo buddies

Im some of deleting my answer why they are very stupid and I don’t like to fill in a topic like "Post my spaceship

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What in the world is the point of this post


This is not an expose
this is an expose:


Expose is:
Reveal the true, objectionable nature of (someone or something).

“he has been exposed as a liar and a traitor”

and expose is not revealing that player is so bad at a game

There is absolutely no reason for this post to exist… I mean what did you think when you posted this? What is there to expose? This isn’t a conspiracy theory or stuff like that. It feels more like you stalked PacMan and tried to make him feel unwelcome by judging him just because you want to.
Very uncool man