Explosions Damn Laggy

I was just doing a mission,trying to regain my lost progress,and then came face to face with the crab.When it exploded,the fps was so low that it was a slideshow.Does anyone else face this?Or is this my computer’s problem?If so,how do you solve it?

Are you tried Low Detail mode ?

What is your configuration? If your PC stronger than AMD FX6350 + Radeon HD5570 you should have more than 100 fps during explosions.

I used to have smooth explosions,but recently I had to clean my hard drive and the PC’s been acting really weird since.I have Nvidia GeForce

I’ve heard that when cleaning one’s drive it’s beſt to uſe a mild hand ſoap. Diſh ſoap is likely to lead to unexpected problems. As for laundry detergent, don’t even bother.

Dude,I cleaned it as in, cleared it: :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you clear it with a broom or a vacuum cleaner?

Or did you juſt flip it over and blow it clean?

A vacuum cleaner.

Probably explains why it’s been acting so weird.

Well, next time you clean it make sure to use some TNTs
It’ll give you same explosions like the past.
credit: @unwanted_intruder

Simple people like you don’t understand fine distinctions like these.
Cleaning your hard drive is a high precision job.Unwieldy tools like Trinitrotoluene are not up to the job.You must,as the cleaning expert Traveller said,fip it over and blow it clean.
I was so stupid.

you wanted explosions anyway :roll_eyes:

I like my explosions to be short,not long drawn out.
It’s less painful.

Try Low Detail mode. The explosions is reduced on it

I want them to be even longer and flashier bc it’s gorgeous to see. :sunglasses:

Problem solved.
The shaking also gets longer which is annoying.And disorienting

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