Error window appeared while travelling in the universe

I have an error window appeared while I was travelling in the Chicken Invaders universe. Since ever, the message in the window appears every time I try to reload the game. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and the message appears again. I changed account and the same message still appears on my screen when I try to load the game and I click on the “Save the world” button. The message says: Error: ‘Assertion failed.’ Statement: ‘???’ Function ‘???’ File: ‘Vehicle.cpp’ Line: ‘CIU v105.1ia WIN32-bit RELEASE’.
I run Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit, if this info helps.
Please, help me because I can no longer play this game.

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It is a common issue right now
Someone @iIfireIi was testing an exploit which made everyone that is visible to his spacecraft crash when they try to log back in or travel to it

More info

He changed his paintjob to smth Unknown there and saved it
So that what made the game crash for everyone that is visible to his spacecraft

So wait till the developer comes back and fix the issue Until then you can’t log back in while you are in his spacecraft’s range


Do you remember what part of the map you were traveling to

This has now been fixed, please try again.

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