Equipment perks

Can someone explain what is Equipment perks? I always see it at the end mission summary but I now stop to think what it is about. Thanks you.

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This bonus is affected (positively or negatively) by the equipment you had mounted when flying the mission.

Currently, the only equipment that affects this is the H&C 101/201/301, which gives a positive boost if you use it.


THis basically defeats the purpose of buying a better spaceship if youre going for highscores.

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Actually the H&C only gives a key boost, not a scoring boost. It’s something to help new players to collect keys a bit faster (and to counterbalance the fact that the H&C doesn’t have a lot of mounting slots).

But it does give a scoring boost too.

Huh… oops :thinking:

Come to think of it, the intention behind also boosting the score is that you’re rewarded for playing the game in a restricted style (not a lot of slots to mount helpful special weapons, lives, etc).

But yeah, there probably shouldn’t be any scoring boost… will be nullified in the next update.

There will eventually be several ‘handicap’ equipment capable of boosting your score. Some possibilities: start with 0-power weapon, enemy projectile speed increase, less powerups, darkness mutator, deaths cost more power, less (or no) charity, etc.


Thanks you InterAction