Epic waves


Ok, i played at this level (not gyropse, i think it was onslaught) vs all these Chickenauts and it was hilarious. I didnt kill anything… just died 2 times. Maybe its not fair all these Chickenauts to shoot in the same time. I am very bad these days, i even make a game over… I forgot what the level was called but it was full with Egg ship chickens.


nice waves, everyone.


I’ve got spooked



Well… Not scary as this wave.


Well, when i see them i kept calm and did not even move my mouse plus i had the burd fly gun(i forgot how it was called sorry) satelite and destroy them all. They are not dangerous if you dont move.


I know, I didn’t die. It’s just a bit surprising for me, they are so fast.


Metal-suit chickens wormhole after echnological advances with… those things.



The first one isnt hard at all. A omnidirectional ounslaught with chickenauts is the most crazy thing i ever whitnes. But really pisses me off when i dodge so many projectiles and then another come from nowhere.


i had that version of Technological Advances before.