Environment against chickens

I really don’t like the idea of chickens being unaffected by the environment.

Instead of witnessing with disappointment how they don’t get affected by the current environment, how about we have them be affected aswell, not just us the players.

Massive environments should make them move slower. Only some particular chickens would be able to withstand the strong gravity
Lightning environments should kill them in one shot if hit by a lightning strike. Basically how rockets and mines do damage on them, except its based on where it strikes.
Hot environments should make them slowly lose their health until they die. Flaming chickens wouldn’t be affected by it, aswell as chickens having overall protection.
Frozen environments should make them slowly freeze to death. Freezing chickens would be unaffected, aswell as chickens with overall protection.

So what do you think? Should these features become a thing to make the game more fun to play?

  • Yes
  • No
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Those are fun. But.
They ultimately make the game easier on those environments.

You don’t know how hard we fought for frozen environment to actually do something to the player.

So I have mixed vote on this idea. Would be fun, but it would make all environments easier.

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