Entire Galaxy Map in one picture (without UI)

Map with all names but without wormholes.
If you want to see Wormhole locations and names, see the map on the bottom of this post.

(I put a small “Early Access” watermark at the top just in case)

View the Map With Wormholes

(Posted as a link because the forum makes a slideshow if there are more pictures, therefore not allowing you to zoom in)


Are the white & black text systems Black Holes?

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They are called Wormholes in the game. Again, they are quite hard to find, so I added a warning in case people want to find them themselves.

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So you found a way to erase keys icon?

Actually not - Photoshop helped me on that one, as well as the yellow dot on the player’s location, and the zoom out button.

Excellent ! You created full galaxy map without problematic zone in right upper corner

But, your variant more correctly than my. Galaxy map need create with names
You said it about that:

Oh, I was looking for that image as I remembered someone also tried to make this.
I added a new image that hides all Wormholes but keeps names of all Constellations.

Also, the backgrounds on our images are different, so I assume you zoomed in once and took a lot of screenshots, then merged them in an image editor. (also a reason why your image is cut on the right side)
The one I made only needed four pictures as I screenshot with completely zoomed out galaxy and deleted UI.

Now I kinda want to make another one with all Star names, but that would take a LOT of time :confused:


Oops. The Lynx didn’t start with cap letter

That’s Iynx with capital i.

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Iynx? oh it looks like l ( I and l (find diffent between capital i and l (L))

…Wait, don’t have Event Horizon Stabilizer…
(Press [ F ] to pay respects)


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