[ENDED] Guess World Cup winner for Chicken Hunter License!

asia disqualified

What if many select the winner team this mean many and many chl this mean more money for IA

you can’t make this shit up, why so many people

gemblin iz fun!

Too bad it’s not reading instead of gambling.

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rare find 2 people who fail to understand in a row

Most of them, (almost all of them) are not in countries that speak English. That’s why.
Most of us are Vietnamese or Egyptian. I don’t know about the others

not the point, i am saying that baron FAILED to see the context and the intention of that sentence

I guess sorry for that. But it’s not a “fail to understand”, it’s a misread. I didn’t see the "one of the players who guessed correctly.

Also it’s the same thing that applies to qbus’s misreading.

then it’s a “fail to read” not "“mis”"read

Guest will be broke

And he well be disappointed :neutral_face:


Team State
Brazil Ongoing (quarter-finals)
Argentina Ongoing (quarter-finals)
England Ongoing (quarter-finals)
Portugal Ongoing (quarter-finals)
United States Eliminated (round of 16)
Poland Eliminated (round of 16)
Germany Eliminated (group phase)
Saudi Arabia Eliminated (group phase)
Ghana Eliminated (group phase)
Wales Eliminated (group phase)
Qatar Eliminated (group phase)

The only 4 teams remaining that you have voted are in 4 different quarter-final matches. That means there is a chance all of them may win, meaning it is guaranteed that someone voted correctly, or all of them may lose and the giveaway ends early.

Players voted in the first group in the following list of groups that has at least one voter are chosen in the random drawing by Discobot:

  1. Winner
  2. Runner-up
  3. 3rd place
  4. 4th place
  5. Eliminated at quarter-finals
  6. Eliminated at round of 16
  7. Eliminated at group phase

Am I the only one who is noticing that this world cup is strange? Like Morocco won on Spain, Saudi Arabia on Argentina, South Korea on Portugal.


Not you only

It’s a pity that my country was eliminated in 1/8 finals T_T , but after what Morocco did in the match against Spain, I think I’ll start cheering for them. (promises to be interesting)

Brazil for the win!

You all are going to Brazil.

YOU are going to Ohio.

I’m surprised that German was “fvcked” by Anime Country :laughing:

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