[ENDED] Guess World Cup winner for Chicken Hunter License!

Dang it! Portugal lost against Morocco. It is all because the coach didn’t allow Cristiano Ronaldo to play.

so… only Argentina vote left


Argentina is the only team left that has voters, so congratulations to the following players to make it to the Discobot draw:

  1. @Instinct8
  2. @Thuongyc
  3. @Mario4321
  4. @4-FX
  5. @tiennguyen12345
  6. @SonicCrazyExe

10 minutes later (5 minutes is grace period for Discourse that you can freely edit your post without it displaying that you have edited, I wait this long to ensure that I cannot edit this list or rig it in any way), I will message Discobot to select a winner.

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Discobot, please randomly choose a winner:

@discobot roll 1d6

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:game_die: 1


Congratulations to :partying_face: @Instinct8 :partying_face: for winning the Chicken Hunter License World Cup giveaway! I will ask this player for more info in their Inbox, and will post an in-game screenshot when I have finished the purchase.


Gift received, thank you :smiley:



but if one see you he don’t let you sleep and he well tell every moment give me chl :pleading_face: you well face many people’s look like that when i buy chl

W Instinct!

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Congrats. Didn’t expect Argentina to get through though.


Congratulations on your gift!


Waaaaay beyond! Congratulations!


If Argentina actually wins the World Cup, I will give one more Chicken Hunter License or large key pack to one random voter out of the remaining five voters for Argentina. Good luck!

  1. @Thuongyc
  2. @Mario4321
  3. @4-FX
  4. @tiennguyen12345
  5. @SonicCrazyExe


I feel sorry for Morocco. I really hoped that after two matches 1/8 have a chance to get to the finals, but unfortunately they lost. But I must congratulate them for their perseverance and struggle. There remains a match for 3rd place so once it’s done, let it come back with bronze for consolation.


Yeah Morocco was by far the best team that played in this world cup. It’s just luck wasn’t at their side. Else they would have won 2-3.

Now with it out, This world cup is almost gigashit. The last thing I wish for it to happen is France losing the next match. I don’t like Argentine. But France is sinking in a goddamn greed to win this world cup twice in a row. If it wins next match. Then this world cup is chickenshit.

At least Morocco being in the third place is an achievement. (Yeah I know it still has a match with Croatia. But they are definitely stronger than them). It is a first time an Arabic and Muslim province reaches this position.

Apologies for swearing, the event boiled my blood for those reasons.


I wish them the same because we (in the sense of my country) were also kicked out of the 1/8 finals :sob:
(I know that it is not very appropriate to write such things, but if there is a moment in the life of a country that after a dozen or so years you leave the group and get to the OP team at the beginning, you are really broken by it)

Exactly. They showed that even a country that is not even nominated to get out of the group, Morocco showed class and determination at these championships. I hope that in 4 years every country, even the weakest, will follow their example and will also go as far as they did.


France France France MEME :joy: :joy: :joy:

Messi vs Mbappe hmm … very hard to prediction who is win World Cup

Oh wait jesus christ i didn’t realize, i just voted randomly lol

Well that aged bad.