Emergency again!


He’s back everyone, and insulted me with a racist word!


There was no need to make a whole new topic because of that


Well, his username says “KIYANISA” something.

  1. We know.
  2. He’s inſulting anyöne and everyöne. It iſn’t perſonal.


Some people are just filming fast…


Traveller is right. Creating more threads like this just gives him more attention,which is exactly what he wants.


We know everthing about him. He was normal before but now he’s acting bad or something, so do something! :confused:


You don’t need to make another topic Kiyan. He wants to get an attention with those kind of topics.


So let’s close it then.


Maybe try to STOP giving him attention first.


And now the forum is filled with useless topics like this which will not make sense when he gets banned


Okay Okay Okay, now lets stop this or things might get worse.


I’m not ſure that I ever ſaid anything of the ſort. (Which is not to ſay that I don’t agree…)


…and that’s what just happened. That account was removed because InterAction studios returned.


Yeah interaction is typing. Thanks guys…


User has been deleted and IP-banned. Also, all new users are now only allowed to post once during their first day here. Hopefully this will be enough of a deterrent.


Thank you for IP-Ban iA!


Oh thats cool! I just through you guys are gonna close forum for slowing your work.