Egg drone

? In my humble opinion ci3 is loaded with nice things !

image plus chicken invader 4 Xmas boss I believe it would be nice to add it , I know it’s not Christmas time but I feel like it’s artwork is really good and Intelligent

Egg drone was already suggested alot of times

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Is this photoshopped or real?

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2 superchicks lol

Tell iA to make this a real thing (not Double Team)

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I found it in ia website when you try to download the game , about five pics will appear , and this among them

Oh, why don’t we give him another brother? Joking ;-;

I suggested it b4 for those who are wondering:

I don’t want the egg drone to appear in CIU @@

I never wanted Asteroids and Comet Chase to come back and here we are… unfortunately

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