Egg Cannon at low difficuly

So when you apply a higher difficulty (Veteran in my case), some waves can be completely changed. This is the case with the Mother-Hen Ship, which gets replaced by the Egg Cannon itself. However, due to the low difficulty (Like below 30%) the EC remains stuck in its first phase, effectively being a step down in difficulty. I suggest in this case to make the third or at least second phase always triggerable.

Sadly in substitution cases like this one, it’s not possible to guarantee that a higher difficulty level will always result in a harder mission.

The one-stage Egg Cannon currently starts appearing at 30%, becomes fully eligible at 40%, and stops appearing beyond 50% (being replaced by the two-stage Egg Cannon. Perhaps these numbers could be tweaked?


Yeah, it would be optimal.

If it means anything, Egg Cannon is very easy to beat, I would say it’s easier than UCOs, so one-stage could be limited to 30% difficulty at max.

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