Egg bullets wave

I came up with a new wave idea called Egg bullets

undestructible 4 satellites are attacking to you with eggs In order , these eggs can include anything , it depends on your difficulty percent (chicks , regular chickens , balloon chickens or even chickenauts & stuff)

Each cannon will fire 10 eggs. After that the cannons will be disapeared


Even if the eggs just flew in off-screen like the “Eggship Drones” CI3 wave, this could work (and it wouldn’t need a new sprite, then).

What happens if an egg flies away without getting destroyed? Will it auto-hatch at the bottom, or can this wave be easily evaded just by not shooting anything? (That’s not necessarily a problem since plenty of other waves already do that).


I seriously love that chick cannon sprite, with the windows.

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Idk maybe they can crack or bounce when they touched the bottom edge (like meteors no, really wave)on hard difficulties the cannons firing rate is also can be different on all difficulty levels (they wont fire at the same time)

Thank you , I honestly like making concept art to my ideas :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (even if my art or idea look not good)

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