Early Access version 96

mobile version of CIU is “technically” possible, it’s not so user-friendly tho. cus Satelite and Special weapon will need a button or some kind of trigger. leaderboard and competition could get another leaderboard cus on mobile, you have to use your finger to move and that makes space race much harder and longer. and travelling mechanism feel meh. buying stuff could be the same but with a bigger button. and account is possible with some stuff (Idk how to describe it) spacecraft should have a smaller hitbox on mobile because moving on mobile is hard. Multiplayer may or may not be meh. Squadron need some re-work for mobile player.

What about multiplayer network and gameplay in mobile? How will they work? Also if you want to put some excel file in there, how will they be like?

mobiles are still connected to routers so it works the same

how exactly does a mobile player needs to use weapon spreadsheet?

it would work normally but you can also use your google play account which doesnt really need verification

To test the experiment about weapon spreadsheet in mobile version

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possible use “touch screen”
Isn’t same a previous game?

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Hmm…I don’t know how to explain what happened at 0:08 but is that a bug? Also when i disconnect then reconnect the same thing happen


use some sketchy file mover/editor/renamer

i don’t think that’ll work in mobile

who needs that anyway??
editing an excel file on mobile is hard enough

Multiplayer - I was playing and testing multiplayer but I found this one in Image!

If I didn’t stand anomally zone (even not a host), weapon would be problem change of travel direction by host
So uhh… idk how can I explain this but you should see that image when I used Neutron Gun


the weapon’s direction changed and the ship did not? i dont see a hint


No have new content to make video CIU…Waiting IA add new boss


Because Darkness is a mission type and not an environment.


I want it “no matter what”. I want planets with Darkness too


This already suggested by some of us in before.

I would like more users (more than 220) to beg IA for the Difficulty and the Environment

It’s up to IA, but you can make a poll for it.

How can I make a vote

This is the first time I knknow how to nake a poll :upside_down_face: