Early Access version 96

Why is fewer partial missions considered as better?


partial means that you didn’t play the mission in its full lenght

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This actually says “Don’t fly multiplayer”

Hey, I already read it.

Already read it

As the owner of that idea, i disagree. Just my personal opinion, but i think you didn’t read my post yet: Galactic Cup’s idea: Less players in Knockout phase - Ideas - Chicken Invaders Universe
I have my own reasons to let top 4 only to Knockout phase, both maintaining the quality of Knockout phase and encourage people to fight better in Group phase.
However, i agree that some rare unfairness can still happen, BUT even with top 2 or top 8. So should we go to the post i have shown you and countinue our arguement ? I dont want this early access post be full with our comments lol

How many players per group should advance to Knockout phase?
  • 2 players
  • 4 players
  • 8 players

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Also, what actually happens when players get exactly the same group points in 4th and 5th place? Does the game record exact scores in the data instead of just one decimal digit?


I admire that some rare unfairness can still happen. So an Extra phase with matchs between 4th and 5th can prevent that unfairness happen. Top 3 on every groups can just have popcorn and watch everything

A one-day break between Group phase and Knockout phase (always, not just in the case of ties) is also a good idea, players are definitely tired after playing 30 missions.

I guess so. However, i think when you make a poll, you should also point out the idea support those choice :slight_smile:

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is it me or whenever the game falls into silence, it takes roughly 1 second for the sound to work when you do something that make sound?

I can’t easily do this.

No. 8 players does indeed have inactivity issues, that’s why it was reverted to 4.

Fixed in v.97 :medal_sports: Bug

Yes, internally the precision is 6 decimal digits.

This could be related to your speakers. Certain speakers go into “stand-by” mode after not being used for a while, and it takes several seconds for them to wake up. Mine take 5-6 seconds, for example.


If we loose / owner surrenders / disconnect, does lost stat increase or no

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Did you read this? I already verify by the video that I upload on youtube. Early Access version 96 - #84 by LMK.ChraskysussyVN

I just finished a multiplayer session and one player has joined after the mission ends. Since players are not allowed to join multiplayer rooms if its in the last wave. Can you also disallow players joining multiplayer rooms if the mission is finished (after the final boss fight)

Also, I tried unchecking these, and maximize darken other players level in multiplayer, and when I see other players in my room, the hardpoints are still shown, even the other players’ spacecraft never darken

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i found a bug,if defeated in multiplayer on first fly the victory ratio will reduce.But if fly with same mission in multiplayer and defeated,victory ratio will increase


is it me (again lmao) or the sound of Change Direction when enter anomaly field in multiplayer is more quiet than singleplayer

if this is intentional, sorry, I don’t always follow changelogs

I found another bug in mission cofig. When you use the keybroad and press the first name of the item that only use 1 or an item that almost out, it got duplicate. And when you press back, the game crash.

If you lose all your lives, the result is DEFEAT no matter what. If the owner surrenders/disconnects, then the result is PARTIAL

It’s on my list, but I haven’t been able to reproduce it locally yet. Looking into it.

The problem is that the x/y waves count only updates when you refresh the list, so it’s possible to see stale values from earlier. I don’t think this is worth fixing.

Looking into this.

This is expected

This sounds like exactly the same as the first scenario above. What is different? Your victory ratio will never increase unless you win a mission (regardless of whether it’s multiplayer or not)

Certain sounds (including the anomaly sound) play at a quieter volume when they belong to other players. Your own sounds (i.e., when you step on an anomaly) should be loud, however.


Fixed in v.97 :medal_sports: Bug