Early Access version 70


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Revenge Infinity brother on 100%+SSH is quite the far away brother of Hibachi. Thankfully their bullets aren’t as spammy as that burning mechanized bee of mass execution… for now.

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hm, anonymize does not affect League codenames

this looks hard to fix imo


Suggueted by me and I didn’t accept

And IA said “No and no.”

I think it’s intended

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Already suggested by robert:

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If the recruit didn’t log for 3 anyone can’t dare him so what is this (with the black color)


Since key rushes are about to be reset alongside the galaxy, how about giving them a small chance to have the Darkness environment?




hmmmm good idea
but it should have 400% multiplier too


iA said before that they’re 2 separate different things.

Wish it was an environment.


“Raise” the curtain but chicken are coming down…
It would be better if it was mirrored wave.

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Yes, that’s why the chance would be really low

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they havent flew any dare (recently) but still play CIU


And Suns won’t have darkness missions.

Imagine the Ironman mission with darkness environment. :grimacing:


What about ironman with movement locked similar to squawk

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Then we can’t pass some waves without losing life and/or using phase-outs, like On The Radar & Corrider Shoot

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Once again I still didn’t get my medal

Also my old account can be deleted because I can’t get it back (was on my old computer)

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Me too but I think iA already know, as you can see he isn’t active today, so they’ll may be awarded later today or most likely tomorrow. Just be patient.

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No. This is not a policy decision, but merely a technical one (it makes my life easier).

It won’t.


I’m not sure that you mean exactly, but a dare is an “all or nothing” thing. It’s also a “zero-sum game”, which means that what you gain the other player loses. You can have both players gaining or losing together.

All Crabs except v2.0

It’s fine. It’s only showing the general area, it doesn’t have to be tight.

Those screens will (eventually) get their own tutorial.

I’ve double-checked and the probabilities for the mother-hen seem to be correct. The randomizer is random – just because something hasn’t appeared in a long time does not make it more probable that it will appear in the near future (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gambler’s_fallacy)

Already a thing.

There’s typically not enough space.

Yes, but not while you have an ongoing friendly match (as the message says). Finish that one first.

It would, but code simplicity wins.

We’ve already buffed that.

changed in v.71 :medal_sports: Idea

Changed in v.71 :medal_sports: Idea


It’s random.

No, That’s tricky (either yourself or the HeroCam recruit might not even have a league entry) and also pointless (chances are their rating will be too far away from yours)

That’s probably not possible. Perhaps you were so close you immediately collected it all?


Because Feathers no longer affect stats.

Works for me. There might have been some stray bullets from the previous wave. The wave changes as soon as the “medals awarded” bonus shows, so it’s earlier than you think.

Too hard. I made a post about this, but I can’t find it now.

I don’t control the colors.

No, that would be too confusing.

Granted. But locks are more consistent.

Changed in v.71 :medal_sports: Idea

You mean accessible from any screen? Uh, no, that would create weird edge cases. But I could make it so the exact amount is shown if you click on it. It’s too much work for now, however, added to list.

Short (single tile in height) buttons must always show the icon and the next next to each other (not underneath)

Huh. Will investigate later.

I forgot. I’ll do them now.

What do you mean?

Fixed in v.71 :medal_sports: bug