Early Access version 64

Bruh, it’ll be fixed nxt version:


Oops! :man_facepalming: Didn’t notice about Retro missions. I thought it only applies on 120th Anniversity. Sorry

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can i know why retro invaders in retro missions have clean sweep?

They can escape during the wave.

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Can you show all wormholes, i still missed 2 :frowning:

Entire Galaxy Map in one picture (without UI)

Just check the link blue_ocean posted above.

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I try to keep the log in chronological order, so this text is correct at the time that the change was made.

What’s wrong with this spot? Is it safe from the boss? All safe spots are ok provided that you can’t consistently cause damage to the boss while standing in them.

It’s already affected by hot environments. It becomes darker and more yellowish.


can you please read this InterAction_Studios ?

iA I have a solution for the squeezed CHL badge at long top-10 callsigns like these:


I’d say we move the time ranking a little bit to the right only at Space Race leaderboard:

And when CHL be at its normal size it’ll fit-in and won’t crash into the time ranking.

And nothing should be moved at the other top-10 leaderboards. If you make CHL badge at its normal size it won’t crash.

Also could messages’ time be updated without needing to click on them:



I can’t help but keep looking at the 66%-99% difficulty in Daily Hard and thinking that it should be bumped to 66%-100%.
Also, I have an insight suggestion: the Pecking Insight: This insight will cost about 100 keys and it’ll place numbers over the chickens to let you understand how to peck them in the right order for the bonus. (for example, a “1” will appear on the first chicken of a 5 chicken group in the Swimming in Space wave, a “2” will appear on the second chicken, etc.


Already kinda suggested actually. I don’t recall where, but something like that was suggested before.

I looked, and I didn’t find any suggestion for it

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Since we are talking about insights. What about one that tells you how hard the next wave (and your current) will be?

This may be more useful for sharing epic waves screenshots and streamers but also hardcore players will have a little better info on what to expect next wave

Well, I only looked for the “Insight” word, and that post didn’t have it. Maybe we should both get the medal (if it gets actually added)

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I talked to iA about a way to make pecking order easier to spot, and it involves the colouring of their clothes.

It will cycle through the colour spectrum (Red to Violet), and then you just kill them in order of the spectrum for the peck.

The man said that it’s probably a lot of effort just to facilitate pecking order, but it’s doable.

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Can I delete this if the profile issue has been fixed?
Does a new installation still create this folder in the registry?
I feel like this shouldn’t be in the root HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder, but rather in somewhere with other software/programs/games.


Not worth it.

I’ll fix this in v.66+

They could, but how long do you typically look at your Inbox for this to become an issue?

Changed in v.65 :medal_sports: Idea

True. Can’t do this now.

You can delete it, but it will be re-recreated next time you launch the game.

You’re absolutely right, but it was a quick hack and I couldn’t be bothered to navigate properly into the appropriate key (registry navigation isn’t as elegant as you might think)