Early Access version 51

Chicken terminator allows more chickens on screen as difficulty increases, should gyroscope malfunction too?

Then waves that spawn enemies one per one like look in all directions, armored division, security droid patrol etc. (I’m sure there’s more) have their spawn rate increased in higher difficulty?

Also waves that only consist gatling gun (heavy metal & egg billiard) have firerate / number of bullet increased? Or maybe both.

I propose this because it seems these kind of waves aren’t getting harder even if at high difficulty.


It’s actually a good idea to have bubbles instead of eggs at some waves like Enemy Queue, the bubbles could disappear&appear or require enemies to kill first.

Also @InterAction_studios since there are 2 types of waves of Black Hole Skipping one should be renamed a different name.

Isn’t one called black hole hopping or something like that?

  • IA could re-scale daily missions difficulty
  • IA could add a daily mission that is harder
  • I am neutral on this

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I did this since skills are disallowed on dailies
EDIT: the harder mission could be 100-140% difficulty

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No, there are both called the same name.

Added to v.52 :medal_sports: Idea

Fractals already has two variations,but they share the same name. I have given them separate names now.

There may very well be a few more in the future, but they’re not a priority… Recently someone (was it @matix524 ?) suggested porting the “Berserk” wave from CI2. I started on that, but it turned out to be more complex than I originally thought, so it will have to be postponed.

It already does: “Black Hole Hopping”


Yup, it was me who suggested that. And that’s understandable.


Since wave variations were mentioned, a simpler variation of Three Stroke Engine could work as well?

“Two Stroke Engine”


I had fun

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It was almost impossible to see the feather so I crashed to it
7/10 wave boss rush ruined


Hitboxes are weird nowadays


In Black Hole Skipping/Hopping whenever a chicken received a (huge) recoil should it enter the wormhole, it will despawn outside of it appearing in another one.


Odd. What is your usual frame rate during the Yolk-Star fight? At the main menu select “Options” → “Graphics” → Advanced → select “Show FPS”. It’s shown at the top-right.

Acknowledged. Can’t fix.


In all seriousness, I’ve tested the exploited weapon called moron railgun while playing boss rush

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Sorry man, if we add the option to turn them to white on gameplay menu, it’s a mark of bad design.

umm what the hell, can’t you just think about something different more than checkboxes
I didn’t ask for checkboxes, through

uhhhhh, I think it just means that iA should make the feathers a little brighter. No need for gameplay option.


Dude, I thought you wanted a checkbox. No need to be rude. But it seems it’s this one:

So, sorry for not understanding.

The second attempt to edit the excel file:

I’ve add uh… several zeros into the damage values.


Woah, bro… calm down with this OP damage.