Early Access version 45.2

Just stay still and don’t move, fire if you need. Or just use some perishables

I already said that

I thought cowards won’t appear on Pulsating and Palpitating Grid? This is Daily Challenge hard + SSH

They were disabled for below 70% difficulty and this wave should be around 130% with SSH so this is fine


when getting an explored planet\star system notification it resets my current message

:bulb: Unified color theme/spacecraft/equipment customization (HSB editing is now enabled for all).

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Pretty sure that’s what “theme” refers to.


Yep – medal awarded.


:bulb: Unified color theme/spacecraft/equipment customization (HSB editing is now enabled for all :medal_sports: Pritish Idea ).

You forgot a @ at the beginning of the username


@InterAction_studios I think the waves that had the enemy’s name in its name should be renamed according to the type of enemy that’s in, for example: Chickenaut Quartet, Chick Loop.

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When you press apply button, it takes you to the customize screen. It’s supposed to let you stay there in the “customize color theme” or “paint spacecraft” screen since it only applies the changes you have made to the color theme or the spacecraft.

And by “customize screen”, i meant this one

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The bandana chicks in the Chicken Exponentiality wave should be berserk chicks (in appearance), because they act like them.

No, they are a different breed (assassin chicks) that are rare in-game, but you occasionally find them on high difficulty. They chase after you intently, rather than flying randomly like true beserks.


I found this

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Could the applecore spin faster when we destroy more barriers so as to indicate it shoots more?


The sunballs are not hittable when still held by hand. This is normal since CI5.

To be more clear, the fireballs aren’t counted as a projectile when they’re still held and not thrown by Space Crab

Could it be something related to

:gear: Compiled with LLVM.


can important messages menu show that there is no messages at the moment
instead of showing the cold space ?


No. It could be a desync issue. I won’t be able to debug this until v.47

I’ve done something equivalent. Added to v.46 :medal_sports: Idea