Early Access version 43.2

It’s not buddy, he’s talking about the update

I have an idea.
Like the third version of the game, add small bronze coins, medium silver and large gold coins.

1st thing, I didn’t see that
2nd, new Plasma Rifle succ, way under my expectations
3rd, Why does the Apple Core boss shoots 10 BEAMS?


Nah, you aren’t able to add admins or droids as contacts, that was fixed since v40.2

I have InterAction as pending contact (the blank one)

To see the quips, you need to enable in-game help in Options->Gameplay.

I unfortunately have to kinda agree with you. The new Plasma Rifle exaggerates everything that was wrong with the previous version’s Plasma Rifle like being able to oneshot cowards and make them a total non threat and as a result breaking the weapon balance horribly, as well as making it even more nonviable in waves like Surfing the Wave, High-Speed Chase,etc.
Most of the time, players need weapons that have a good balance between projectiles spread, projectile count, projectile damage, overheating time and firerateall while having high DPS. If a weapon can’t guarantee a multi kill bonus or a clean sweep, it’ll inevitably be underused in comparison to weapons that can guarantee the player such bonuses.


It’s angry because we destroy its barriers

I don’t think having the coins colored is necessary.

Another thing about Plasma is, even if it’s kept as automatic (in which case it has to have its automatic firerate increased to at least 6.5/s), its overheat would have to be lengthened significantly for it to be viable. The WBP version gave us an okay-ish DPS in exchange for high damage before overheat. This version, as is, technically gives us neither.
Well, technically. Because now that the manual firerate was lowered, its overheat rate jumped up to infinity (at least that’s the results I got when testing, both with normal manual and autoclicker). So the ‘manual vs automatic’ issue didn’t really get any better. One step forward, one step back.


It becomes all gold because someone’d mistaken that egg as silver coin.

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Can we have Toogle quip ínstead of toogling In-game help

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When the “Mark all read” button is disabled, should a prompt message appear for those who accidentally clicked it?

IA said it will be a separated option.

I removed a item from a Spacecraft slot, then decided to added it again in the same slot and it doesn’t work it only works if switched to another slot not the same slot that I removed that item from.

BX9 Spacecraft, i saw this Hyper Gun max power was slower than before, and Photon Swarm is slow in power lv10

Could Space Crabs, Chicken Thrower and Laser be zoomed out to the levels of Space Crab 2.0?
They cover alot of the screen, making it pretty hard to Dodge the Chickens.
(With the laser crab isnt hard to beat, but still too close to screen)

Iſn’t this kinda the point?


make em easier to dodge, because they are too zoomed in :v

The chick travels slower than sunball.

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This weapon version is weird, I mean just look at this