Early Access version 28

I’m not ſure if it’s worth fixing, but if the henperor’s apprentice is killed juſt before the toroidal laſer attack (during the energy-gathering phaſe), the energy gathering effect does not vaniſh as ſoon as the apprentice explodes, but rather remains for the normal duration.

Alſo, I juſt tried to reäſſign a miſſion that ſomeone forgot to do, and I found that I couldn’t, deſpite the fact that the original aſſignment had expired.

A third thing is that I ſurrendered the miſſion twice before winning and tryïng to reäſſign it, and was hit by a -49% unoriginality penalty- I gueſs becauſe I’d done the miſſion before (though four days ago with other miſſions in between) in combination with the two recent ſurrenders. I figured I’d report this too, in caſe it was a bug.

That’s for effect,and to be frankly honest with you,looks quite cool.

You can only assign each mission once. This holds even if your first assignment’s deadline has elapsed.

The unoriginal penalty applies if you’ve flown the mission within the last 24 hours. If you surrender a mission, it still counts as “flown”. There aren’t any further criteria – if you haven’t flown it in the last 24 hours, the penalty is always 0%.

@ChickenBlaster: It certainly wasn’t intentional, but I don’t think it’s worth fixing either. It’s similar to the Henterprise dish beam (except in that case it was fixed because the beam lasts much longer, plus the Henterprise can move in the meantime, leaving the beam floating in space)

Is there any particular reaſon for this? It’s juſt annoying that I can’t reſend it to ſomeone who didn’t play it in time.

Actually, I want to ask something: @InterAction_studios, can we get the offcial list of all enemies, including minibosses, from easiest to hardest?

There will be chick-o-pedia for that.

Well I need it for research purpose.

Well, one of the main ideas behind squadrons is that you can play the same missions “together”. Playing a mission a week later and still have it count as part of the squadron would defeat the purpose. A good squadron is an active squadron. Perhaps what you’re looking for is a way to challenge other players to play the exact same mission you did and compare results? That could be interesting.

@Neutral: Not yet. The next update will add three new breeds. Also, ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ is difficulty to define – you mean HP? That doesn’t tell the whole story.



Well, I meant an avarage of all the difficulty factors, and since your the creator, I think you have the best opinion on that. Sorry for the weird phrasing.

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Sorry for not understanding the context but what do you actually mean by ‘three new breeds’ ?

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3 new chicken types, I guess.


Well, currently that’s pretty much what ſquadrons do, but it would be nice to have a dedicated way to do this, eſpecially if/when ſquadron functionality changes.
Alſo, what if there were a way to make an “open” challenge with a deadline, ſo that anyöne in the ſame ſtar ſyſtem as you, ſay, could take the challenge and compare reſults? Obviöuſly there’s the problem that people near you have eaſy acceſs to the ſame miſſions anyway (except for miſſions you’ve ſaved), but ſomething like this could increaſe the importance of the geögraphical location of one’s ſhip.


You know, I thought that perhaps it could be possible to beat every single mission in the entire game once it’s out. Now our progress for that would be reset, but I wonder how many individual missions are there currently?

About 20,000 (at least 18,000 as they said when there were only “Chicken Invasion” missions).

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Well…Take all possible waves,all possible combinations,all possible mission lengths,all possible bosses,all possible difficulties and formulate something to bring out all the possibilities…without calculating,I can predict that that number would be waaaaay more than the total number of atoms in the Universe by a fair amount.

That is all possibilities. But the game has a much lower amount of set missions on it’s planets and stars.

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I’ve had ſomething happen twice in as many days that juſt doeſn’t ſeem right: my mouſe has ſuddenly jumped to another part of the ſcreen with no input on my part. I have the mouſe-capture ſetting on, and was wondering if you knew what a likely cauſe is, 'cuz as yeſterday’s experiënce (below) goes to ſhow, this is on occaſion ſuboptimal behaviöur.

I did look at the video footage of the above event (before I turned it into a gif) and there waſn’t a ſingle frame of me moving, beſides which I think that ſmooth movement would’ve reſulted in my death ſooner.

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Since I noticed an upcoming change regarding callsigns and emoji:

  • :gear: Callsigns with too many emoji are now disallowed.

Also, proof that I’m not making this up

That’s got me wondering: What’s the maximum amount of emoji allowed in a callsign gonna be on the next update? Asking for pure curiosity.

:gear: Increased zap sounds simultaneous limit from 2 to 4 (to assist with sound cut-off in all-Chickenaut waves)

Now that that’s been done, any chance that the frequency of all-miniboſs waves could be tripled at SSH? It’s probably been 4 months ſince I’ve ſeen one.

Then I guess you didn’t play the key rush mission. It has an unusual amount of chickenauts and epic waves in general there.

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