Early Access version 27

Stream topic has been locked so I’ll post this here: https://youtu.be/UDq-vCI5__M?t=27m40s
UPD: @InterAction_studios I encountered looped sound during this stream (v27.3) in wave at 27:40


Wow. I finally know how it sounds.
So, who’s ready for EA v27.214748363?


For EA?! :thinking:

Early Access

OMG, you called forbidden name, HE WILL RETURN !

My highest liked comment so far:

Soon He will return E.A forever

Someone called me?
Edit: Wrong account



@InterAction_studios What about making the binary stars with mixed sun rays? They are close to each other and will be better if for example: Red and white stars rays will appear at the 2 stars at once, the bigger star will have bigger sun rays(because they are close to each other). Same with other ‘‘binary suns’’.


Yesterday while I was doing the intermediate daily a UFO sound effect went on for a couple of waves (even during a warp and a boss) but was fixed by the end of the mission. This was also on the latest version.

Maybe need create new skill (or skills) ?

Fixed in v.28 :medal_sports: Idea

Are there plans for medals to come with a booſt in ſcore? I vaguely recall ſomething about that, but I’m not ſure.

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I think there should be, because not dying in an entire mission is a huge achievement that should be appreciated

Even in a 5 wave one with 4% difficulty?

Is it a specific multiplier when you get medals in-game or a permanent one based on how many you possess?

If that’s the latter then I highly disagree.

The former. The latter would be dumb.


Then chosen skill, mission length and difficulty should affect too

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