Early Access version 22

@VerMishelb: The reason why it’s disabled is that when your destination lies in another constellation, you need to first explore both “gateway” star systems which “connect” the constellations together (i.e., the star system where you leave one constellation and the star system you enter the next one). I have now fixed this to allow a single hop across “unexplored” route before complaining. Fixed in v.23 :medal_military: Bug.

@GgWw1175: I’ve changed the wording to avoid mentioning highways. I’ve also changed the color of the line as you jump across constellations to make it obvious that it’s not part of either constellation. Fixed in v.23 :medal_military: Bug.

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In centipede wave pirate chicks dodge by vertical instead of horizontal.

Hm… Could not reproduce – they only move horizontally for me. Which mission was this?

One from Nereides - Mormo - Delta Mormo planet. I will check it later.

One terrible person (me) just broke my friend’s daily challenge by pressing “Escape” during fight and surrender button appeared right at cursor. It would be nice to add some sort of protection from unpleasantness like this.

Yeah, I accidentally ſurrendered yeſterday’s challenge.

1 Day without messages in Forum

Its not that special. One time, after plan update #4 no one write a single word for over 3 days. Now even 1 day isnt passed.

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dam;n the forums died

Nobody could bear the sad news brought by Traveller


Unless IA release new version.

Electric frozen planet.


BUG: lightning overlaps enemies. Or it’s intended?

By the way, it would be nice to reduce overheat a bit on frozen planets.

And could you make exploration counter be higher than nicknames?


One thing that would help making travels faster would be to add another button with the wormhole travel option, for instance if I’m at the wormhole on the bottom screen and I want to travel to the upper one, if I select it I can either travel by the wormhole path or the regular one. This way I don’t have to check every time how the destination wormhole it’s called and then do all the zoom and clicking. This applies only wormhole to another.


I juſt encountered a bug with the UCO (2 egg cannons, 2 green beams, 2 red squigglies):
One of the green beam arms was ſo far off the ſcreen that the beam was deleted. At leaſt, I think that’s what happened; at any rate there was juſt one green beam for that attack.

Alſo, the engine ſound ſtops after alt + tabbing away. This has already been reported, but I didn’t ſee it mentioned in the known bugs, ſo I figured I’d juſt poſt it here as well.

Fixed in v.23 :medal_military: bug

Also, a lot of weird stuff happens when Alt-tabbing away. Added to known bugs.

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Like increasing the volume at max by presing back sometimes.

hey @InterAction_studios so the asteroid belt was unexplored and I was in another costelations for some days …how it’s possible that there’s a result?

Moros\Eosphorus\Kalunga Ndonga

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The asteroid belt missions got scrambled in v22.2, with most of them switching places to other star systems.

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