Early Access version 16

is my suggestion possible to implement? @InterAction_studios

Yes, it’s on our list. But since it’s a cosmetic change, it will have to wait its turn.

Would You mind sharing this list?


Its too big i think.

They can hide it with

Hide details



I think player statistic need some info about skill. I play SSH most of time and my victory rate is 54.27% but you can’t see how good player is by this because you can use Tourist or SSH. And we need “Make favourite” button in level list (suggested by someone long time ago) because right now you need to win/lose level to click this button.

I think there ſhould be “average miſſion difficulty” and “average miſſion length” ſlots in the ſtatiſtics.

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some remark and maybe some idea
1 the early bird bonus is present or not?
2 then I think that if you realise a clean sweep will be nice to recive a key as a reward!!!
3 speak of the bonuses and rewards. should be more interesting and useful that for the daily/space/weekly challanges to recive other rewards not allways the keys!!! sometink like: super weapons or food or gas or lives!!!

  1. uuuu WHAT?
  2. I dont think so, its usseles
  3. That’s actually a good idea.

10 keys for the first place in easy daily, I don’t think it worth it.

1 key for 10th place…

30 keys for 1st place at Hard…

@InterAction_studios, can we get coloured Strobe Lights?

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Please refer to Strobe Lights 🔆

I thought everyone knew that.

And I don’t see your point. He was just reporting a bug so that IA can fix it.

Yes, I know, I was saying that I thought it was unnecessary to post it.

Unnecessary to post a bug that should get fixed,and that could give him a bug medal?

Ok, ok.