Early Access version 12

Will you bring back retro mission’s original music from Ci4? #bringbackretrotheme. :blush:


@InterAction_studios Alien Mothership drops a random satellite when it dies which I can’t see any use of it since the mission is already over


@InterAction_studios the base key boost on Retro Missions should be 500%-600% because

  • theyre rare
  • you dont get that much keys dropped on the screen
  • you dont get any food

You have a good point. But also, it requires a higher tier to play.I saw it was around 50 but I busy these days. I do agree with the base key boost.

600% sounds good.If that not good, then it should settle at 550%.

yayaya some random questions: is the master squawker considered the first CIU boss? and is the CI3 boss theme just a placeholder for it until 2db finishes the CIU boss theme, or it’s intended for it to have the CI3 boss theme?

One small thing: The “You got higher tier” message disappears, so we can’t see how many points do we need to advance to next tier. Maybe clicking on the tier number on the top could show the next tier requirement?
Also, how about showing the exact amount of Keys/Food/Fuel when clicked at the top?

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Why do the barriers in Lethal Connection have 10x health? Is the player intended not to destroy them there, but the enemies instead?

And is the H&C intended to have no shine on the cockpit?


Where can you find retro missions?

In wormholes.

I have a suggestion: If the last/best result is “DEFEAT”, show the number of waves flown instead (the number of waves completed, not including the wave they lose on).

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And it would be nice not to have an unoriginality penalty if you loſt (not ſurrendered, but loſt all your lives) a miſſion.

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So far, the one bonus/penalty that is really dumb is the “Location Fluctuation”.

My suggestions are if your mission fails you should lose any of the multipliers and only get raw points and keys (which are written on the screen while in a mission) and there should be a penalty for taking too many extra lives for a mission
for example if you use more than 4 extra lives they should be perishable so you lost your lives post mission even if you haven’t died once

Can you please add a new wave?
It’s called “Popcorn!”
This wave from CI5. Thank you!


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Yes. And, uhh, it’s a rendering error.

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uhhhh, question about that new CI2 music: is it gonna be the remastered version or just to funk?

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Finally they bring back the retro music and the final boss themes.

  • Alien mothership now plays CI4 retro music track.
    Will be new boss theme for it ?

I think they will give the normal retro mission to it