Early Access version 06


I know how it could be easily done, since all stars show their mass, it would increase over time and when star reaches it’s limit, it explodes ofcourse, that would be insane to see, and then it turns into a smaller version of itself aka dwarf star, and then all over again it grows, to make things easier it wouldn’t destroy anything since that could eventualy destroy the whole galaxy. :smiley:


@InterAction_studios maybe after fp20, your damage could rise by 1% per fp level? You would deal 140 instead of 100 damage onj fp60. Would be a great incentive to collect as much fp as possible because right now, there’s no improvement at all after fp20.


Yes, weapons need some kind of improvement for sure.


Hmm dying star at a certain time would be interesting. For example, a star explodes and if you are in this solar system you will lose parts of your ship or something else, would be really incredible to see such dangers in the future. And then the dying star can create a white dwarf or black hole however. But i dont think so IA will make it.


If they like it then it has a chance, or maybe if it explodes your ship breaks and it’ s stats go down by certain percent and weapon damage too, so you have to repair it with keys.


IA said a couple of times that they are small independent studio which makes me sad. Although they will update it for smartphones, the development of the game will ever be suspended due to its size. I’m not very aware of things, if everything goes well and IA make more money for more evolvment, things can change who knows.


They need to promote it more through social media, which is FREE these days, also they could earn quite alot of money through making certain aesthetics purchasable (new weapon colors, boss textures, ship textures… etc.).


The UHF organization is watched by good people.


Is there a star system with 3 stars?


I think not.


Two questions. How do I play multiplayer and how to find boss Egg Cannon?

  1. You can’t.
  2. Play a bunch of miſſions until you bump into it.