Duke Chickenarius

The sixth boss idea! Let’s go back a few steps…

First, the outfit of the boss.

It is composed of a helm similar to Magnetic Manipulator’s, an iron chestplate with some amber-iron fusion, a pair of iron shoulderguards and a pair of iron arms with the same fusion. Finally, some iron boots. He definitely looks tough.

Now, for the abilities or attacks. Just keep in mind the chicken comes in like any normal Big Chicken, but it also takes out his sword, and at even higher difficulties, his shield, which hasn’t been represented.

Attack no. 1: En garde!
Ok, naming aside, the chicken moves the sword towards the player and locks into the position. It’s pretty ease to evade if you know what you’re doing. Depending on the difficulty, he bumps faster and also does it more often.

Attack no. 2: Air Strike
Chickenarius yells loud enough to create a shaking effect, so that asteroids appear later, in order to distract you from him. The asteroids are slow/fast and appear for a brief/long moment, depending on the difficulty…this is already going to be a hard one…

Ability no. 1: Speed of Light
Chickenarius will move much faster than before, but only temporarily, sometimes even going off-screen. Contrary to what people may say about the boss being stationary, he won’t be, these are just examples.

Attack no. 3: Spin Attack
Chickenarius moves across the screen with the spin attack. The attack will last longer and be faster the more difficult the fight is.

Ability no. 2: Call to Arms
Chickenarius summons 9 Golden Archers, who will shoot fast arrows. Destroying them will grant you coins and drumsticks. This is mostly reserved for even harder difficulty levels, but the more difficult the fight is, the more arrows are shot, and the faster they are. The arrows are shot somewhat close to the player, but aren’t very accurate.

Finally, the general stats:
HP: 220,000
Weakness: None
Strengths: Metal-group weapons and satellites (e.g. Utensil Poker), Bio-group weapons and satellites (e.g. Bird-Flu Gun).
Zoom: Let’s be a bit fair and go with 150%.

Death quip: Phew, one Iron Man off the list.


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