Dual Sweater Chickens

Two sweater chickens have teamed up against you. Perhaps one could dress a bit differently from the other. That way we could tell them apart.

And yes, they would appear on higher difficulties than normal sweater chickens. You know, for balancing purposes.

Perhaps they would have a habit of appearing in frozen levels…for obvious reasons.

Their wave would be called “It gets really cold in space.”

I figured since we have big chickens teaming up and the military chicken teaming up with the party chicken this wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

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there is already in double team


Double team?

Oh…well, maybe this one wouldn’t solely appear in ironman.

Yes, it’s a mission with 2 random bosses.

Well, it wouldn’t necessarily only appear in Ironman mode.

Maybe there is a chance you could have 2 sweater chickens in Double Team Missions. I’m saying ‘maybe’ because ,one, they are random and ,two, I’ve never encountered 2 sweater chicken Double Team missions before

From what I remember, the last double team of 4th Ironman competition was double chicken sweaters.

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I see.

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Man I wish I could encounter that, would’ve been one hell of a challenge. I say this because I no longer have CHL :frowning:

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I thought that was perma.

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CHL is permanently for sure. This was free before IA add the system payment, but you need to pay now.

Yes but I did not purchase it yet

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