Droid spinning & Droid multiplicity

This time I will accompany you with 2 new ideas.

droid spinning

It is easy to say that this wave is difficult to cross, but it is easy to describe. A droid shooter enters the screen, then three normal droid spins around it. And around each typical droid there are three bubbles inside which there is food. By killing a normal droid, three bubbles burst around it. If you kill the droid shooter, you have only made your job easier, and that is that there is no shooting droid anymore, and you can easily kill the rest of the droid and get food.

droid multiplicity

The second part of this article is about the third multiplicity, which is as difficult as other multiplicities. It is easy to say that a crab droid comes first and does two things. 1. Laser 2. Launch droid (this commander can even be added to the droid raid feature). When it is destroyed, it throws a firepower and a few coins, and besides them, two iron chefs come, each throwing 3 droid shooters, and 4 ordinary droid each.
Note : there is a big different between iron chefs in this boss and the other that it is each iron chef drops a gift in each 20% of it health

1 droid crab

2 iron chefs

6 droid shooters

24 ordinary droids

Tell me if you didn’t understand something
Thanks for reading


Droid spinning is a good idea, but I would maybe put 6 normal droids so it’s a bit more complex (3 is to easy :sweat_smile:).

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How is droid multiplicty supposed to work because they are only 2 droid enemies (Apart from iron chef) that flies around on droid missions or is that going to split into something else?

Listen to me
1 droid crab > 2 iron chefs > 6 droid shooter (each iron chef has 3) > 24 ordinary droids (each droid shooter has 4)
The droid crab :arrow_down:

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I know and I was just asking a question


Added the second part


Man New Boss: Droid Multiplicity

Eh, what’s problem ?

I don’t see any problem, I see it’s nice instead.

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Y’know, my brain cells were resting nicely till you came back

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You could update it with the total health of the enemies as well.
Just to provide more information.

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Someone droid raid New Boss

and Boss Rush

Droid Crab

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