Droid & Retro Missions (Feedback #4)

Regarding Pecking Order bonus:

In certain levels, chickens (and other enemies) appear organized in groups. This bonus is awarded whenever the chickens in each group are destroyed in the same order they appeared on the screen.

This doesn’t apply correctly on “Security Droid Patrol” in which the bonus is applied even if I didn’t destroy them in order, even missing some of them. Waves like “Technological Advances” and “Armored Division” doesn’t have this bug.
PS. I mentioned this on Update 11.

Wave types of Retro missions should be filtered according to difficulty type. Beginner Loop on lower difficulty percentages and Advanced Loop on higher difficulty percentages.

If you destroy them out-of-order, then the bonus is not awarded. The bonus IS awarded, however, if you miss some of them. This is a general quirk of how the bonus is calculated: if simply checks to see if each killed enemy comes ‘after’ the previous killed enemy, ignoring gaps. This is probably not worth fixing, unless you notice it affecting a lot of other wave types, too.

True, but there aren’t enough wave variations as it is to have the luxury of removing some of them based on this criterion :frowning:


Thanks for clarifying.

That is currently my biggest complaint about the droid raids.

And it’s up to us to suggest some new wave types.

Yeah, I know…but unfortunately my creativity is nigh on nil.