Doubt about the orbital droid

I doubt that about the orbital droid: I don´t know how it works and I don´t know what it does exactly.
Please can someone help me?
I´m sorry if don´t know English very well

it just orbits around the galaxy, and all it has is some droid raid missions inside the droids. This is where you can get so many food from these missions (and sell them in space burger). You can find them easily by turning on droid in the galaxy information overlay. They are gray dots. But, if it’s far away from the star system then you can’t enter in it, so you will have to wait until it returns orbiting around the star system again.

Click on it to raid it you must be near it. And it has some Space Berger missions, if you don’t know what are those: they’re from CI4 and has a lot of food in them, so basically a food rush mission and the best thing is that it can be playable more than once.

I think you guys are talking about other NPC droids.

Orbit droid is a ship module in the Galaxy Store which makes your ship enter and leave orbit faster. It’s one time thing and all available ships automatically use it, just like Warp Drive and Warp Boost. It’s upgradable: the higher it’s upgraded, the faster you enter/leave planet orbits when travelling. Also is being sold in regional stores with discount which also applies to upgrade price.


It’s like Warp Drive and Warp Boost, but it’s for entering/leaving orbit.

I’m surprised no one even knew what you meant by “orbital droid”.


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