Double trouble? Two unresolved issues

I have found two problems yet to be fixed.

First of all, the introduction of top-left HUD fade-out upon spaceship approaching surely is helpful, but meaningless if the bonuses keep obstructing the view. During one mission, I actually lost a life to an obstacle (it’s been a while, so I don’t remember if it was an enemy or a projectile) because the bonuses made it impossible to dodge as I couldn’t see my spaceship.

The second issue is a little trivial because it’s related to translations. The messages from the Notifications tab (most notably the “Daily stipend”), after picking another language, have at least their topics left in English (even if translated). This doesn’t change after re-logging.

Messages are not changing after receiving. If you receive a message when you’re playing with Polish turned on, you’ll get Polish title even after game restart, same goes for recieving messages on English, they’ll stay like this.


If that’s the case, I hope once the game leaves the Early Access stage, the language will stay fixed at players’ most recent choice at every launch instead of how it currently works with all the translations going on.

EDIT: Actually, all the messages from the Events tab (which I receive alongside the “Daily stipend” notification, before switching language from English) are in the language I switch to, so I found it weird that only the “Daily stipend” stays in English while every other message is translated even though they were received when the language was set to default.


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