Don't play this mission

Don’t play Yearly Salad mission… There’s why (count the yolkstar cannons)


Where did you find this mission?

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@Recruit_75 Austynaya, Baucis. It’s there.

Not that strange, we have all faced 7 laser yolk star before.

Most of them, I failed miserably. :confused:

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Yolk star is easy compared to SSH UCOs

I think so too.
Because if though that was impossible (difficulty about 95%-100%) , you need to prepare some gadget and powerup before you encounter it. You may get a lot of fail. :thinking:

Unless there are chickenauts chasing you


That’s easy

Oh god I love yolk star! I’ve found out about this game only recently. Huge fan of CI games. Yolk star’s my favourite boss out of all despite being a bit easy… this might bring in some of the challenge it needed.

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Don’t worry, it gets harder on harder miſſions. And yes, it is an aweſome boſs.

I beg to differ. It has no complexity whatsoever and it’s difficulty is close to unfair.

So I just played the yolk star but inverted… two times already… and can’t imagine how difficult it can be if it were with 7 guns and inverted. I hope nobody has come upon that beast.

We have. Some of us,at least. Probably many times already.


It isn’t that big of a concern for the more skilled players, I’ll return only when someone has posted a screenshot of a yolk star with 7 lasers and there are Chickenauts as well, only then is it of concern.

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