Does anyone have a 3d model of Müller M404-PI Deliverer


hey guys I have a question. Does anyone have a 3d model of the hero’s ship: Müller M404-PI Deliverer?
If yes can you show me the 3d model of the ship, anykind of 3d model: Blender or SFM or other 3d model


@EmeraldPlay sorry for ping but you are working with these things.


He’s alſo pretty good at keeping up with the forum. Or at leaſt that’s the impreſſion I get.


He is one of the valuable persons in this forum.


I believe @BCMediaPlayer made a 3D printed model a while back.


But he didn’t post it’s model file and he did some changes with his one for better printing.




@InterAction_studios should have it. There are so many references.