Diversity in breed Alchemist Chicken

We already have alchemist chicken but I wanted another throws different potions .
and Dr. Beaker has four different potions
Pink = Slowness (Alchemist already has it)
Green =Toxic cloud
Blue = Deadly explosion
Orange = Overheat the weapon
First New type is Alchemist who throw toxic potions .
He throw potions when it break it make toxic cloud .
Second type is Alchemist who blue potions .
This second type throw blue potions make deadly explosion .
Third type is Alchemist who throw orange potions .
This third type throws orange potions that heat up your weapon.

Should those types of alchemist be in the game ?
  • Yes
  • No

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Sorry for bad English .


These guys literally target your location at all times, what are you gonna do when there’s a lot of them, or you just so happen to get one of the new variations that can actually get you killed in a wave like Palpitating Grid? I think the breed is fine just the way it is.
(This would also make Dr. Beaker be less unique imo)


One can make their appearance only on the wave of Dr. Beaker? Like students who are preparing for an exam or test in chemistry. But where they are aimed (dangerous damage) should be a warning zone. And the flight speed of life-threatening potions should be slow.


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