Disabling satellites

You should be able to disablle satellites.
For example you have:

  1. barbequer
  2. ICBM
  3. barbequer
  4. ICBM
  5. barbequer

Click 2 and 4 - ICBMs are disabled, you shoot only barbequers.
Click 2 and 4 - ICBMs are enabled again, you shoot everything.
Click 3 - your middle barbequer is disabled etc.

Shooting a rocket everytime you want to burn some chickens is such a waste.

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How would that work with other control methods?


Mobile version - tap on a satellite.
Keyboard - able to set keys in settings eg. 1/2/3/4/5
Mouse - wheel up to choose, wheel down to enable/disable or use keyboard keys
Xbox/PS version - right thumbstick/dpad - left and right to choose, up and down to enable/disable

Why would you disable satellites? The more you have, the better

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Bruh why would you want to disable satellites for some reason?

On a keyboard, it would be okay.

But on a phone, this might be kind of weird. Same thing goes for a controller.


Because maybe you have barbequers and Bird-flus, and you only want to burn some projectiles, but you’d have to waste bird-flu as well.


Should be there separate buttons for auto satellite and manual satellite?

myself don’t think so.

There’s no Xbox/PS version.

He was talking about gamepads. These are the main that people use.

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Gamepads. Joysticks are now only used on arcade machines and flight simulators.

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I didn’t know that you could use gamepads, but I know that you can use joysticks.

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