Diamond Heart Contest: The Ultimate boss rush

man just made a U-turn

Superstar Gaming right?


he had new callsign is: Superstar Kun VN
( maybe )

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I must admit that this is quite an interesting idea

da name is nice

should i change mine to truwuser

uhh, hello? this is an idea topic. Ain’t a chat place

I think this is okay…

It should proably be less frequent, like a 5 days delay due to his extreme nature, the rewards for completing the mission and how time consuming is.

Whould be pretty fun fighting all of the ci games bosses together in a insane way but judging how long it is (the number of bosses and their health), you’ll probably start to get bored as you progress in the mission, and this is the point which kills more the idea, yeah, weekly exist and i think it also have the same problem as this one.

And a question, can this be played once or multiple times? It seems to be a potential but long key farming method.

(Removed two long but less important points)


actually, make it a week.

about this, hmmm. We could reduce some bosses health if they’re “too much”. Calamity also does this too.

yes but only the first attempt yield keys. Multiplayer however has its own yield way (1 key per wave)

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I just got another question, how whould Squawk block bosses and planetary bosses work in the mission? Or are they even included in there?

Squawk block/X-axis restricted bosses also present but you don’t have the restrictions (aka you can freely move), BUT they attack even more frequent.

Planetary bosses don’t exist so they’re not included…yet.

uh oh

Look like iA will have a hard time to code because of these mind-blowing ideas. Respect your efforts :wink:

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IA will experiment

Diamond Heart Special Background: is the normal space with bright lights shining down, and there is a not-so bright heart in the background


thats really bright?

yes the boss is coming

Amazing background!

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