Diamond Heart Contest: The Ultimate boss rush

“Magnificent, truly magnificent.”

“I am glªd that you løvəd my creatiōns…”


“These doppelgängers will help us ending humans more easily! You have recieved our very thank you. cluck

“Yøu’ŕe welcøme…”

“Just to clarify, who are you?”

“Mə? Hmmm… I ām the one that, once, a hero…Aüthentic-”

*Apologies for writing this non-canonical conversation.

Greetings recruit. This is a new type of mission that I was working on. Also, the “Heart” in Diamond Heart has absolutely nothing to the Valentines day (aka today). Let’s get into it.


Diamond Heart is a challenge/competitive mission that arrives in your mailbox. This mission resets every 3 days (resets with space race). This mission is a buffed boss rush mission that consists of ALL bosses available in all games/this game.

Mission Details:

Codename: Diamond Heart Contest
Type: Diamond Heart
Wave: 1 x [Number of bosses]
Difficulty: 100% - 100% (+40%)
Tier Req: 0


This mission as said above. This mission is a boss rush that consists of ALL bosses in game order (except final bosses, they’re always at the very end). This mission is at 100% difficulty with SSH locked.

Waves trasitions here are shortened, almost instant. No time to rest now…

All bosses here are buffed by powerful. They have much extra health and speed, beyond the maximum possible bur that’s not all.

  • Beserkers: Bosses get more mad as their health decrase, they will move faster and attack much faster and more frequent.

  • Nanomachines, son!: They harden in response to physical drama. Certain boss enter with 100% damage resistance for 4 to 7 seconds.

  • Enhanced Attacks: bosses have their attacks more deadly (i.e more projectiles, even faster projectiles). Losing health also increase the amount.

  • Sinister Minions: non-boss enemies take 40% less damage and attack more frequent (if they could)

All in one pack, deadly as hell. Oh and all enviroments are also present.

This ultimate boss rush has all bosses in one place and they are progressed in order of games (CI1/2, 3, 4, 5, U) with the exception of Villain/Endgame bosses, they’re always stand at the very final waves.

Each wave drop 7 keys like normal waves and has a base multiplier of 20%. Diffuculty and bonuses are depemdent. Fuck score multiplying and other stuff, I’ll let iA to decide on this.

And finally, to balance out, minimum fp in this mission is 3.


Finishing this mission will give you the Diamond Heart medal straight to your mail instead of has to be on the first place of the leaderboard as I know that as leaderboard gonna be easily conflicted. however, we still have a leaderboard that gives keys as reward (ranging from 50 to 500 keys).

Note: you can only recieve one heart per mission, this means you have to wait for the next mission to have it again.


Will this mission be restricted as CHL only? Maybe, give me your choice

Will it?
  • Yes
  • No

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This boss rush was inspired by Terraria Calamity’s Boss Rush event that consists of all bosses from the vanilla game and modded ones and they have their speed and health buffed to fit the endgame.

Why did I choose calamity? Well, Calamity has a weapon called Utensil Poker and you guessed it.

  • Also it appears also to be a Hollow Knight reference. Lmao, I need to read the wiki more properly.

How is it?
  • Is good
  • Is nice
  • Eh
  • Not bad
  • Mediocre
  • Bad
  • Nope, not good at all

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*This idea is still vague and I’ll polish edges as you read this idea. Thank you for reading, comment on how you think.


good idea,now add this into the game

add uncachero9960 plz


this is basically ironman but boss rush mode

Yet another killer-archiever feature in the game…

I have zero skill to survive this but I think some players may enjoy this a lot.

I really like the name. It gives me Hollow knight’s steel soul vibes.

If I had a diamond heart, oh-oh
I’d give you all my love, if I was unbreakable
If I had a diamond heart, oh-oh
You could shoot me with a gun of gold, if I was unbreakable

alan walker aside its a pretty good competition

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no no no no,i just add diamond heart contest into ciu,i am not control IA

Then why are you keep say add/don’t add?

authentic hero is narrator from deltarune confirmed

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i just tell IA,i am not control him,ok

Tell what, you should tell yourself to stop this

wao, very interesting idea and in Terraria Calamity has a weapon called Ion Blaster

There is a weapon that’s called plasma rifle too lmao


oh god
he is hexagonal now

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i am not hexagonal,i am just want IA to add this freature into the game

He did not…talk to you.


IA must add diamond contest into the game now

Then you also In the game now

i have a callsign not me want to add myself into ciu